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Tag archives for Recipes

How to Make Aromatherapy Linen Spray {Make It Handmade}

BUY KIT: [removed] Linen Sprays can be used on clothing, towels and bed linens to …172


Aromatherapy Recipes movie

[removed] Aromatherapy Recipes teaches you how to use essential oils to improve your health.129


HOW TO MAKE ESSENTIAL OIL | 3 Quick & Easy Ways | Cheap Tip #179

Don’t spend top dollar on expensive essential oil. Just make your own version! Here are 3 simple ways how. ***Do not use if allergic to the ingredients*** Check …232


Aromatherapy Energetic Spirit Blend Recipe

[removed] [removed] [removed] [removed]181


Aromatherapy Recipes: Cold/Flu Blend & PMS/Bloating Blend – Everyday Aromatherapy (109)

[removed] — Everyday Aromatherapy: Ep. 9 In this episode, I make an aromatherapy blend that will help you fight the common cold; plus I …511


Aromatherapy Relaxing Blend Recipe

[removed] [removed] [removed] [removed]97


Aromatherapy Recipes : Camphor & Aromatherapy Recipes

Camphor can be combined with other essential oils to create different aromatherapy recipes. Learn how to use camphor in aromatherapy with the help of an …61


Aromatherapy Recipes: How to Make A Baby Acne Remedy Spray

Want to learn more about using Aromatherapy? Sign up for Aromahead Institute’s online class, Aromatherapy for Natural Living. [removed] The class …147


Aromatherapy : Aromatherapy Blend Recipe for Sinus & Chest Congestion

Aromatherapy is a great way to relieve sinus and chest congestion. Combat your symptoms with aromatherapy techniques as demonstrated by an herbalist and …87


Easy Aromatherapy Essential Oils Recipes

[removed] Make your own aromatherapy bath product at home.65